October Goals

It’s October and we’re running head-first into the last three months of the year, so here are a few goals I’m setting myself for this month and the next two. Get Active I want to get outside more. I want to get out of the house that I’ve been far too cooped up in and … More October Goals

What Do You See?

“Because you let people see you when you skate.” – Teddy Harwood. (Ice Princess) We all have the one thing which brings out us. The real us. That one thing that makes us want people to see us for who we are. For Casey, that was skating. For me, it’s writing. For everyone, it’s different. We all … More What Do You See?

Hello, October

There is nothing like October the first to make you realise that there are exactly 30 days until you turn 25 and to throw you head first into a blind panic. 25. How did that happen? Where did it sneak up from? Have I done nearly enough in the almost twenty-five years I’ve been alive … More Hello, October

Autumn Is Here

It’s one of those very early Autumn days today where it’s sunny and the blue sky is so clear, but there’s a slight chill in the air letting you know that it’s no longer summer, even if it still looks like it is. Autumn is one of my absolute favourite times of year. I might be a … More Autumn Is Here